A spectacular Nadir Maguet and Denisa Dragomir steal the show

Denisa Dragomir and Christian Mathys won the 2021 edition of the Skyrunner® World Series circuit.

There was a standing ovation on Lungolago Marconi in Limone Sul Garda for a super Nadir "Mago" Maguet who, stopping the clock at 2h 23'03", did not beat the best time of Luka Kovacic (2h 21'23") but managed to thrill the public that, as always, flocked to see the last great classic of the season.  The crowds also roared for the second consecutive success of Denisa Dragomir from Romania who established a new women's record (2h 55' 23") and even took first place in the championship circuit.

It was almost impossible to venture a reliable prediction for the outcome, seeing the high level of champions participating in a race that was "extreme" in both name and deed. The adrenaline-pumping race was a true test, with its first ascent of almost 1000m characterized by prohibitive steep stretches that took the athletes to Punta Larici. Setting the pace was Nadir Maguet from Val D'Aosta who passed the Piedmontese Cristian Minoggio and set off on a long, solitary escape. He was followed by top players led by the Slovenian Luka Kovacic who preceded, in order, Valentin Marchon from Switzerland, the South Tyrolean Armin Larch, Emanuele Manzi from Lake Como, and the Moroccan Elhousine Elazzaoui.

In the women's category Denisa Dragomir immediately jumped to the head of the pack. Leading the group of pursuers was Fabiola Conti, followed by Johanna Astrom and Camilla Magliano.

At the GPM of the race, at 1580m of altitude on Monte Carone Nadir, Maguet had a 4' margin on Valentin Marchon. Also close behind were young Gianluca Ghiano, Roberto Delorenzi from Switzerland, and the Moroccan Elhousine Elazzaoui.
Downhill the cards on the table were reshuffled, but not at the top of the race. Maguet triumphed in 2h23'03” over Elhousine Elazzaoui (2h29'41”) and Roberto De Lorenzi (2h29'57”). Rounding out the top five were Johannes Klein and Gianluca Ghiano.

In the women's category, Dragomir, with her record-breaking win (2h55'23 "), led Johanna Astrom (2h59'52") and Fabiola Conti (3h00'16”). Stephanie Kroell took 4th place and Camilla Magliano took 5th.