ORGANIZATION: ASD LIMONESE SPORTS COMPANY VIA Capitelli, 11 25010 - Limone sul Garda.



Participation in the races that are part of the LIMONEXTREME event — Vertical Kilometer and LimoneXtreme Skyrace — implies the express acceptance, without reserve, of these rules and the ethics of the event and the acceptance of all instructions for participants from the race organization/race director.

For anything not expressly stated here, ISF general rules apply:



LIMONEXTREME is an event with two races on mountain trails of the Limonese hinterland bordering Tremosine, Riva del Garda and Ledro. Each race takes place in one stage, at free speed and with a time limit. 

LIMONEXTREME is a Skyrace with an extreme mountaineering nature that takes place in a natural environment, with semi self-sufficiency regarding food and drink, on a varied terrain that includes old paths and historical trails, where nature has in some places overrun them and where there are sections equipped with mountaineering material. Even if they do not reach very high altitudes, the technical difficulties are significant and the vertical climbs are extremely steep. 

  • Vertical Kilometer: Km 3.7 (vertical climb of +1080 m.) starts from the Lungolago Marconi lakefront boulevard and finishes on Cima Mughera (there are no refreshments in between) A maximum of 300 athletes are allowed, and can be divided into two heats.

  • LimoneXtreme Skyrace Km 22.9 (vertical climb of +2,060 m.) starts and finishes on Lungolago Marconi. A maximum of 800 athletes allowed.




For athletes who do not belong to sports federations or are members of federations that do not include this type of competition (Skyrunning), an insurance card is mandatory. *
(*) Membership cards are available for individual athletes, with payment made during online registration (+ €5.00) or online by registering with FISKY :
– Log in from the home page of the website with the credentials received.
- Enter the data and pay by credit card.
– Print the card and receipt by accessing the personal area.

It is the athlete's responsibility to activate one of these two options or to verify that the card he/she already holds includes insurance for this type of race.



  • The competition is open to athletes who have turned eighteen years old by the date of the race and are in possession of a current medical certification for competitive sports for activities with high cardiovascular involvement (B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6). This certification MUST be valid on the date of the race and must be ATTACHED to the registration form. For foreign athletes, the corresponding medical certificate issued in the country of origin or attached form is valid.

  • In the case of registration for the Vertical Kilometer, athletes aged sixteen are required to have the written consent from the parent or person who exercises parental authority. The parent/guardian must also declare that the minor has participated in other competitions with equal or higher climbing difficulties and that he/she has adequately instructed the minor athlete, who in the event of withdrawal from the race for any reason, must go to/ask for assistance from organization staff along the route. In the case of force majeure, of unfavorable weather conditions, or any other circumstance that could endanger the safety of the minor athlete, the Organization reserves the right to modify, at any time, the route, starting times, cut-off times, the position of checkpoints and refreshment stations, and all the aspects aimed at the safety of the minor, even to the point of excluding them from the competition itself.

  • The athlete also declares no use was made of prohibited performance-enhancing substances as defined and specified in the list prepared by CONI.



The registration fee can be paid by registering online at the link on the page


For the first 50 entries the price is € 30*
After 51 to October 8, 2023 at 23:59 the price is € 35*
From October 9, 2023 the price is € 45*

For the first 50 entries the price is € 15*
After 51 € 20*

(*) Membership cards are available for individual athletes, with payment made during online registration (+ €5.00) or online by registering with FISKY

Registration is personal. The exchange or transfer of the registration or the passage from one race to another is prohibited. Furthermore, the registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

In the case of a no-show for the race bib and pack pick-up, the latter will not be kept or sent. 

Registration by athletes who have been suspended for doping in any sport will not be accepted.



To participate in the LIMONEXTREME races, it is necessary to be absolutely aware of the length and specificity of the race and to be physically fit. The athlete must possess, before the competition, a real capacity for personal autonomy in the mountains due to participation in events with similar psycho-technical and psycho-physical difficulties, which makes it possible to manage possible problems inherent to this type of race and in particular: 

  • To be able to face climatic conditions alone, without external help, which can be very difficult due to exposure, technical difficulties, caused by the night, wind, heat (+35° C), cold (-10° C), fog, rain, snow, and rugged terrain;

  • To be able to manage, even if alone, physical or mental complications caused by extreme fatigue, gastrointestinal disorders, muscle or joint pain, and minor injuries. To be perfectly aware that the Organization's role is not to help runners manage their problems.

  • To be perfectly aware that for a mountain activity, safety depends above all on the athlete's ability to adapt to any problems encountered or foreseeable.

  • To inform companions/supporters and make them aware of the need to respect the locations, people, and the rules of the race.

  • To have personally seen the race route and, in the full possession of his/her faculties, consider it fully suited to his/her own technical level; 

  • To be aware that the aforementioned route has sections with fixed ropes and exposed passages, manned and unmanned by the organization staff;

  • To be in possession of a skyrunning curriculum suitable for the race in which he/she is registered, and to also have taken part in similar events and have mountain experience suitable for handling the aforementioned course. We want to emphasize that for years the LimoneXtreme has been the final of the world circuit, both as Skyrace and as Vertical Kilometer. Therefore, the technical, physical, and morphological difficulties are high.

  • To have been amply informed by the Organizers of the potential dangerousness of the event that takes place in a mountainous environment with the consequent inevitable objective hazards for all competitors and to intend, in the face of this knowledge, to still assume the risk; To expressly exonerate the organizers from any liability for non-serious negligence in relation to any accident in which the athlete himself/herself is a victim.

  • In addition to the physical requirements established by the medical certification, given the presence of via ferrata (equipped paths/protected climbing routes), given the particularity of the territory in which it takes place, the competitors must be able to handle these problems self-sufficiently, having 100% capacity of using their legs, arms and hands. These equipped paths must be tackled by grabbing onto the equipment using both hands, without the hindrance of trekking poles or anything else. To facilitate any communication of volunteers along the way, the athlete declares that he/she has good hearing. Headphones and all other devices inserted in the ears that hinder the above-mentioned communication are absolutely prohibited. 

  • To accept to receive all the newsletters with information about the event.

  • The athlete agrees to rigorously follow the route indicated by the Organization.

  • If the athlete withdraws from the race, he/she agrees to follow the instructions of Organization staff to return to the starting point. 



It is essential to respect the principle of an individual race in semi self-sufficiency. LIMONEXTREME races are held in a single stage, at free speed, within a time limit set by cut-off times, specific to each race. Semi self-sufficiency is defined as the ability to be autonomous for at least 8 km, in terms of food and also regarding equipment and safety, and to be able to adapt in case of any problems encountered or foreseeable (bad weather, physical problems, injuries...). 

This principle implies the following rules:

  • The athlete must have with him/her all obligatory materials during the entire duration of the race (see EQUIPMENT paragraph).  At any time, Race Commissioners can check to see that the athletes have the mandatory material with them. The athlete is obliged to willingly submit to these checks with cordiality, under penalty of expulsion from the competition.

  • Food and drink from refreshment stations must be consumed on the spot. The Organization supplies only water or energy drinks for water bottles. At the start of each refreshment stop, the athlete must have the amount of water and food sufficient for running at least 8 km.

  • For all races, athletes cannot be assisted by family members. 

  • It is forbidden to be accompanied by or to agree to be accompanied by any person not registered in the race, on a stretch or for the entire race.

  • It is forbidden to use devices (for example, earphones) that inhibit communication with route staff and/or equipment that could harm the athlete or other people. FOR THE VERTICAL KILOMETER, THE USE OF TREKKING POLES IS ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN.

  • PLEASE NOTE: a participant who agrees to be filmed by people not authorized by the Organizers and are therefore accompanied beyond the marked areas violates the principle of semi self-sufficiency. Race Commissioners witnessing irregularities are authorized to penalize athletes in such a way as to guarantee the spirit of skyrunning competitions.



For safety reasons and for the smooth running of each race, athletes must have at their disposal the complete list of mandatory material listed below.

It is important to know that the material required by the Organizer is the minimum necessary and that every athlete must adapt it to their capabilities. The athlete must not take light clothes to have a few grams less, but must prefer clothes that really provide protection in the mountains against the cold, wind, and snow and therefore guarantee more safety and, consequently, better performance.

Mandatory material for the LIMONEXTREME SKYRACE:


Mandatory material VERTICAL KM:




Material strongly recommended for both races:

  • WATER BOTTLE (no plastic glass at the refreshment)



In compliance with the guidelines drawn up at ABISSOLA on Nov. 28, 2011:

  • The LimoneXtreme sky race route, with a total of 23 km, is divided into 0.08% (1.89 km) asphalted and cobblestone urban roads; 8.69% (2 km) unpaved roads, cart-roads, and gravel trails; 91.23% (19.11 km) single tracks with uneven ground, rocky trails, meadows.

  • The VK Greste de la Mughera route with a total of 3.7 km is divided into 5.4% (0.200 km) asphalted and cobblestone urban roads; 94.6% (3.5 km) single tracks with uneven ground, gravel trails, rocky trails, meadows.

In accordance with ISF regulations, the races are classified as "SKY RACES”. The races take place on mountain trails with challenging uphill and downhill stretches, with some sections equipped with fixed cables, crossing snow-covered stretches, exposed ledges, steep pastures, and stony ground. Therefore, good physical preparation and the maximum prudence is required. The entire route will be marked with balises and tape.



All participants can be subjected to doping checks before, during, and after the race. In case of refusal or abstention, the athlete will be sanctioned as if he/she had tested positive for the doping test.



By registering for one of the LIMONEXTREME competitions, the participants pledge to respect the environment and the natural areas they cross. In particular:

  • It is absolutely prohibited to litter along the route (gel tubes, paper, organic waste, plastic packaging, etc.). At the refreshment stations there are rubbish bins where the competitors can throw away their rubbish.
  • Athletes must keep their rubbish and packaging and throw them away in the appropriate bins at the refreshment stations.
  • It is mandatory to follow the marked trails, without taking short cuts. Taking short cuts causes erosion that is harmful to the site. 
  • The Organization has a crew of people who will travel the entire route at the end of the race to ensure that it is clean.
  • Athletes reported for incorrect behavior that is not respectful of the environment will receive anything from a 30-minute penalty on their time to disqualification, based on the unquestionable judgment of the Organizing Committee.
  • Everyone in the Organization is authorized to monitor and enforce these rules.



All athletes expressly waive their rights to the use of their images during the races, and also waive any kind of recourse against the Organization and its partners in the event of usage of their image. Only the Organization can grant image usage rights to the media and solely through suitable documents. 

All communication regarding the event or the use of its images must be made in respect of the name of the event and its registered trademarks, and with the official consent of the Organization. 



Athletes with personal sponsors can show the various logos solely on their clothing and material used in the competition. Any other form of advertising (flags, banners, etc.) is strictly forbidden, at any point along the route including the finish line: any violation will be punished with a penalty at the discretion of the Race Director.



According to the Data Protection Law of August 6, 1978 (French law) and in accordance with the new general data protection regulation (EU DGPS 2016/679), each competitor has the right to access and modify the data concerning him/her. The data is collected for registration in one of the LIMONEXTREME races, for the needs of the Organization, and in particular for identifying each individual athlete in order to inform him/her of any relevant information regarding his/her participation before, during or after the event. All the athlete’s data is stored for a period of 10 years, renewable with each registration, corresponding to the period of legal retention of the medical certificate confirming fitness for competitive sports or races or the sports club card. After these 10 years, with the exception of explicit authorization from the athlete, all data is deleted except for the first name, last name, date of birth, gender and nationality to maintain the rankings. 

Any request for data modification can be made by sending an email to:

Any request for access or modification of personal data will be processed as soon as possible, within a maximum period of 1 month from receipt thereof.



According to the Data Protection Law of August 6, 1978, you benefit from the right to access and rectify all information concerning you. This information is only used by the Organization and regards technical information such as, for example, your e-mail address. The Organization does not use your data for any other purpose. According to the law, each competitor has the right to access and rectify data. To take advantage of this right, you can send us an e-mail indicating your first name, last name, and bib number. 



Each race bib will be issued personally to each athlete on presentation of the following:
Identity document with photograph.
The race bib must be worn on the front of the body (chest or belly) and must always be visible throughout the duration of the race. It must therefore always be positioned over clothes and in no case can it be attached to the backpack or worn on one leg. Sponsor names and logos must not be modified or hidden. The race bib is the pass necessary for access to shuttles, buses, refreshment stations, first aid stations and showers. The bib number must never be withdrawn except for a refusal by the athlete to obey a decision of a race official. If the athlete withdraws from the race, the bib number is deactivated.



For the VERTICAL KILOMETER even, the transport of clothing is guaranteed at the arrival site at the top of Mughera. Clothes must be handed over in bags or sacks accompanied by the number that is given when the race bib is collected. 

The bag must be handed over no later than 1 hour and 30 minutes before the start of the first heat to the Race Office. 

The Organization guarantees that the bags of runners who have dropped out of the race will be brought to the awards ceremony area, as long as their withdrawal from the race has been registered. 

The delivery time to the awards ceremony area depends on logistical difficulties. Therefore, complete delivery cannot be guaranteed by the end of the race. 



The Organization ensures the presence of solid and/or liquid refreshments along the entire race route. The Organization supplies only still water and energy drinks to fill water bottles and Camelbak hydration packs. When leaving each refreshment station, the athletes must have the necessary amount of water and food to reach the next refreshment station. For more detailed information on refreshment stations, please consult the following web address

Vertical Kilometer: (Refreshment Station 1) Cima Mughera, arrival.
LimoneXtreme Skyrace: (Refreshment Station 1) Fala km 2.20; (Refreshment Station 2) Larici km 5.50; (Refreshment Station 3) Mughera km 8.40; (Refreshment Station 4) Bivio Cadrione km 13.70; (Refreshment Station 5) Vecia km 15.80; (Refreshment Station 6) Comboniani km 21.
Only competitors with a clearly visible race bib have access to refreshment stations. 

The Race Guide and our website can provide you with a complete list of refreshment stations.



Checks will be carried out in all the refreshment stations and in a few first aid stations. There are surprise checkpoints along the route besides the refreshment and first aid stations. Their location is not announced.



Vertical Kilometer: cut-off time at Dosso dei Roveri 45 min. after the start, maximum time to reach the finish line: 1.50 h from the start.

LimoneXtreme Skyrace cut-off times: Km 2.2 parking lot near the state road - 30 min. after the start; Km 5.50 Bocca Larici - 2 hours after the start; Km 8.40 Cima Mughera - 2 h 30 min after the start; Km 13.70 Bivio Cadrione - 3 h and 45 min after the start; Km 19.30 start of the last descent Prealzo - 5 h 30 min after the start; Km 22.30 La Milanesa - 6 h after the start. 

Maximum time to reach the finish line: 6 h from the start.

The maximum time allowed and cut-off times are calculated from the starting time. 

The starting time limit (cut-off times) from the main checkpoints have been decided and are listed on our website. In the event of any changes (see Special Conditions), a specific notification will be posted in the Race Office. 

These cut-off times are calculated to allow all athletes to reach, within the maximum time limits, the finish line even if they have made any stops (rest, refreshment, etc.). To be able to continue the race, the athletes must leave the checkpoint within the time limit (whatever the arrival time at the checkpoint). Athletes passing through the checkpoint (cut-off time) outside the maximum time limit must stop their race and follow the instructions supplied by volunteers. 



Several first aid stations are positioned along the race route. They are connected via radio or telephone with the PC Soccorso (the emergency assistance center for the race Tel: +393393671507). During the races, medical staff is constantly present at the PC Soccorso emergency assistance center on Lungolago Marconi and at Cima Mughera/Bocca Guil. 

First aid stations offer assistance to anyone in distress, both with the Organization's own vehicles and equipment and with public vehicles and equipment.

An athlete in difficulty or seriously injured can ask for help: 

  • Going directly to a first aid station

  • Calling the PC Race Center +39 3393671507

  • Asking another runner to call emergency assistance for him/her

  • ETC

All competitors are obliged to help others in danger and must immediately notify emergency assistance. If he/she cannot call the Race PC Center, the runner can directly contact emergency services (especially if it is in an area where only emergency calls are possible)

  • Calling the emergency number 112.

  • Using the 112 app Where are u (it is strongly recommended to download this app on your mobile device before the start of the race).

Don't forget that unexpected events of any kind, related to the environment and the race, can make you wait for help longer than expected. Your safety therefore also depends on what you have brought with you!

Rescuers and official doctors, as well as all the personnel designated by the Race Manager, are authorized to:

  • remove from the race any competitors judged to be no longer able to continue the event. 

  • oblige the competitors to have all the elements of the mandatory material with them.

  • evacuate, with any means, competitors deemed to be in danger.

  • have the competitors hospitalized if their state of health requires it.

The competitor who requests the intervention of a rescuer or doctor in fact submits to his/her authority and agrees to accept their decisions.

From the moment in which the health conditions of an athlete require intravenous treatment, the athlete is immediately excluded from the race. 

Athletes with health problems can go to the first aid station at the top of Mughera/Bocca Guil, which is available for the entire time of the races unless staff is otherwise occupied in treating other competitors along the route of the VERTICAL KILOMETER and LIMONEXTREME SKYRACE. The medical staff present there provides care and treatment within the limits of their possibilities. 

All athletes who leave marked paths are no longer under the responsibility of the Race Organization. 



on Lungolago Marconi


Pasta party

pasta party will be held at Congress Hall starting 12 pm. 



It is possible to take a hot shower only after reaching the finish line. Access to the showers is strictly reserved for athletes who present their race bib.

To get to the showers, there is a taxi shuttle service that leaves from the info office near the parking lot on Lungolago Marconi.




  • Vertical: awards ceremony at 8:00 pm at the Congress Hall
    WINNERS: the top 10 men and women

  • LimoneXtreme Skyrace: awards ceremony at 6:00 pm. at the Congress Hall WINNERS: the top 10 men and women

  • LimoneXtreme Skyrace: the top 3 in category M-F20 / M-F30 / M-F40 / M-F50 / M-F over60 will be honoured directly on arrival 

Prizes are not cumulative.

Prize collection: Competitors who do not attend the awards ceremony automatically lose their right to receive the prize. Therefore, we do not accept proxies or ship prizes.


  • from 8:30 PM at Congress Hall, Via Caldogno 

All awards ceremonies will take place at the Congress Hall from Limone, Via Caldogno 


Limonextreme Party 

@ congress hall at the end of the awards there will be The Limonextreme final party with live music, DJ-set and bar



The athlete can only withdraw at a checkpoint (REFRESHMENT STATION), unless he/she is injured along the route. The athlete must notify the checkpoint manager (REFRESHMENT STATION) or indicate his/her willingness to drop out of the race and notify the Race PC. 

If the athlete drops out between two checkpoints, he/she must reach the closest station and announce his/her withdrawal to the manager. 

The athlete must keep his/her race bib, since it is the pass for using the shuttles, bus, meals, first aid, etc.  

The return occurs in the following ways:

VERTICAL KILOMETER: The race will be concluded on arrival at the finish line within the indicated maximum time limits. The return to the point of departure must be made in groups of at least 3 people along the route marked with balises or tape. If in doubt, please speak with Organization staff present at the finish line. 

In the event of withdrawal along the route, only contact the staff at the checkpoint and wait for instructions on how to return. 


In the event of failure to notify withdrawal and the consequent launch of a search for the athlete, any resulting expenses will be charged to the athlete. 



Since the route is mainly in a mountainous environment with particular geographic conditions, in order to protect athletes, volunteers, the environment, and themselves, spectators and supporters must watch the races only in the areas indicated by the Organization (see the information on the website or in the Race Office). Before setting out, we recommend requesting information from the race office on how to reach the indicated points and to carefully evaluate your psycho-physical abilities and experience to choose the most appropriate point. Spectators/supporters must not create a hindrance for any reason to the natural flow of the races, remaining on the outside of the course to let the races proceed freely and to not disturb/harm the athletes. 

The following equipment/gear is strongly recommended before setting out:

  • Heavy windproof jacket;
  • Adequate supply of water and food;
  • Mobile phone with 100% battery (Make sure there is coverage in the place where you intend to watch the race), with the Organization number in case of need +39 3393671507. Before starting out, download the 112 app Where Are U
  • Warm cap and sun hat;
  • Warm gloves;
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses; 
  • Mountain apparel with spare clothes: we recommend dressing in layers; 
  • Head lamp with spare batteries;
  • Map of the territory, with all trails indicated;
  • Hiking boots of good quality and in excellent condition.

The Race Committee declines all responsibility for any accidents due to conduct by third parties on the race route for any reason or for anyone running unauthorized in the race, supporters or spectators.



Any complaint must be made within 10 minutes of the display of the official ranking and is subject to payment of €50. The deposit will be returned only if the complaint is accepted.



Should circumstances require it, the Organization reserves the right to modify, at any time, the routes, starting times, cut-off times, the position of checkpoints and refreshment stations, and all aspects aimed at the correct execution of the races. In the event of force majeure, of unfavorable weather conditions or any other circumstance that could endanger the safety of the athletes, the Organization reserves the right to:

  • Postpone departure time (a few hours, maximum)
  • Change cut-off times
  • Annul a race
  • Cancel a race
  • Interrupt a race, even if underway
  • Change the route, even completely
  • Change, even completely, the mandatory material for the race.

If cancellation of a race for whatever reason is decided prior to 15 days before the start of the same, a partial refund of the registration fee will be made. The amount of the refund is commensurate with the non-recoverable expenses that the Organization has incurred up to the time of cancellation. If cancellation of a race occurs less than 15 days from the start of the same or if, for any reason whatsoever, the race is interrupted, no refund will be made.

It is strictly prohibited to pass other athletes on the equipped paths of the course.



  • The Organization subscribes to a liability insurance policy that covers the entire period of the races. This insurance covers the responsibilities of the Organization, its employees and all participants in the races. It is not accident insurance for competing athletes for any injuries or accidents that might happen before, during or after the race. 

  • All participants must without question be in possession of personal insurance that includes this type of race, with the minimum coverage as required by law and provided for in CONI regulations. See paragraph "PARTICIPATION AND REGISTRATION.”

  • The participant is required to possess valid personal insurance covering search and rescue costs (NATIONS).

  • PLEASE NOTE: helicopter evacuation is free for Italian citizens, EU citizens and for countries that have an agreement with Italy. The choice of evacuation depends exclusively on the Organization.

  • The choice of the means of evacuation and the place of hospitalization are decided by the Organization and the 112 emergency medical personnel.

  • The costs for exceptional emergency or evacuation means or improper activation of emergency rescue systems are the responsibility of the rescued person who will also be personally responsible for his/her return from the place to where he/she has been evacuated. 

  • The competitor is responsible for preparing and presenting documentation of his/her own personal insurance plan within the established times. 



The Organizing Committee reserves the right to modify these rules at any time for reasons it deems appropriate for better organization of the competition. Any changes to the times, services and places, as well as any cancellation of the race and refund procedures, will be communicated on the website of the event.



For any controversy between the parties, the Court of Brescia is the competent court.