Some races are destined to leave their mark, and the Limone Vertical is one of these. This year will be VK OPEN Championship  

. A vertical climb of 1,100 meters in a course of about 3 km long is definitely impressive, but what certainly attracts spectators and the public is the amazing panorama that this course provides.

From just 60 meters above sea level, the course shoots up along a specially "cleaned" and marked trail to 1,160 meters above sea level to the finish line. The start from Lungolago Marconi first covers a flat stretch that enters the old town center and reaches a picturesque olive grove. From here, the climb becomes increasingly difficult and grueling.

Arriving at Dosso dei Roveri (halfway), the course enters a wooded area and then follows the crest to the top. In the final stretch the course has 2 brief descents that are anything but relaxing: it passes over rocky waterfalls that seem to crash into the lake below. The finish line is in the “Nembra” area with a breath-taking view.





3,7 km

1080 m D+


Male / female ranking

1° Classified
€ 650,00

2° Classified
€ 450,00

3° Classified
€ 400,00

4° Classified
€ 250,00

5° Classified
€ 200,00

6° Classified
€ 150,00

7° Classified
€ 100,00

8° Classified
€ 100,00

9° Classified
€ 50,00

10° Classified
€ 50,00