In mid-October everyone will be the first world championship reserved to commercial teams

Lots of news — including the date for open registration and a new portal — has arrived for Limone Skyrunning Extreme, the end-of-season happening for sky runners.  After having been the final of the Skyrunner® World Series circuit for 8 consecutive times, the super classic of Alto Garda returns with a brand-new website and an innovative format that will reward not only the best individual performances, but also the top teams by assigning the first "Skyrunning Team Awards” title. This sort of world championship for private teams offers mind-boggling prizes: the first team will take home €5,000, the second €3,000, and the third €2,000. Individual prize money has been confirmed, with €1,300 for first place, €1,100 for second, and €1,000 for third (obviously, equal prizes for the women's category).

But there's more! Compared to the past, the races on the mountains between Lombardy and Trentino will both take place on Saturday, October 15. To optimize resources, the 10km amateur race will not be held, while the vertical kilometer (start 9:30 a.m.) and skyrace (start 11:30 a.m.) have been confirmed. The program of the two Scarpa-branded events will allow athletes of the vertical race — once again the finale of the VK OPEN Championship by ISF circuit — to get to the top and then follow the salient stages of the sky race. As mentioned, Skyrace will have a dual value: in addition to the individual ranking, it will be very interesting to follow the outcome of the team ranking that will assign the first Skyrunning Team Awards. The awards ceremony will take place in the afternoon, followed by a big party in the evening to celebrate the end of the season.

The world's top commercial team will be put to the test on the 22.22 km course with a climb of 2,052 m. Departure and arrival will be, as always, in the striking location of Lungolago Marconi in Limone. After a two km stretch passing through the streets of Limone, the course reaches Reamòl. This marks the beginning of the breathtaking, rugged ascent that leads first to Punta Larici and then proceeds to Passo Rocchetta. It continues on Trail 101 to Bocca Guil, then takes the spectacular trail climbing up the mountainside leading to Monte Carone (GPM of the race). The course then climbs the "chimney": 285 steps carved into the rock. It reaches the crossroads and descends on the other side of the mountain to continue along the slight slope to the junction for Traversole. The last segment starts here, with ascents and descents to reach Dalco. The last steep descent heading to the town of Limone is on the classic trail nr. 112.

Times to beat: 2h23'03” by Nadir Maguet and 2h25'23” by Denisa Dragomir. As always, registration opens on September 1.