Ruy Ueda from Japan wins the Skymaster and World Series race. while Romanian Denisa Dragomir wins the women’s final, but Sheila Avilés from Spain wins the cup circuit for the second consecutive year. Luka Kovacic from Slovenia and Rwandan Primitive Niyirora win the 20 km Limone Extreme event




Ruy Ueda from Japan scored twice in Limone Sul Garda, winning the final and the circuit with a photo finish over Oriol Cardona from Spain. In the women’s category, Romanian Denisa Dragomir left everyone behind, but the 2019 world series title went to Sheila Avilés of Spain, who came in second at the finish line. Third place went to Elisa Desco, while Daniel Antonioli took fifth place.


The rain failed to ruin the final of the Migu Run Skyrunner® World Series, which was scheduled for the first time with the SkyMaster formula, reserved to athletes who competed in cup races during the season. About fifty true champions competed on an extremely technical course with a climb of over 2,600 meters.

Not only the steep ascent to Cima Larici awaited them, but also the summit of the legendary Vertical de la Mughéra and the ascent to Cima Carone through the section equipped with ropes that used steps from World War II.  Ruy Weda from Japan and the Romanian Denisa Dragomir

immediately set the pace. In the men’s race,  Christian Matis from Switzerland and the Spaniard Jan Margarit were also protagonists. In the women’s category, meanwhile, cup leader Sheila Avilés stayed close on Denisa’s heels. Marcela Vaisonova from the Czech Republic and the Italian Elisa Desco also had a fine showing.


As usual, the race outcome was decided in the steep descent to the finish line. On the red carpet of Limone, the strong Japanese athlete won the race and the title at 3h 03’15”, ahead of Oriol Cardona (3h03’27”) and Christian Mathys (3h08’12”). Rounding out the top five were Jan Margarit and Evgeny Markov.


The women’s final of the season was won by Denisa Dragomir of Romania, who won the SkyMaster event at 3h36’55”. Taking second place and reconfirming her position as the leader of the World Series was Sheila Avilés of Spain at 3h42’13”. Third place went to Czech athlete Marcela Vasinova (3h51’35”), followed by Elena Ruhlyada and Ragna Debats. Arriving sixth (but the first of the Italians) was Elisa Desco.