Vertical de la Mughéra

Tiziano Moia from Friuli and Jessica Pardin from France won the Vertical de la Mughéra, while Matteo Lora and Mojka Koligar from Slovenia were crowned the winners of the VK OPEN Championship circuit by ISF of which the only-up race was the final. On the acrobatic ascent overlooking the lake with a 1100 m elevation gain in three 3 kilometers, starting on the Marconi lakefront at 60 meters above sea level and finishing at 1160 meters above sea level, Moia sent his adversaries a clear message. For him, it was real solo run towards the finish line, which he crossed in 38'02”. Joining him on the podium was Daniele Fontana (38'22”) and Andrea Elia (38'38”). Marcello Ugazio came in 4th and Jan Oller Torrella took 5th place.
In the women's category, everyone trailed Jessica Pardin from France (47'17”) who passed Valentina Belotti (2nd at 47'44") in the final stretch. Anna Hofer (48'24”) took third place. Mojca Koligar and Silvia Lara Dieguez rounded out the top five of the day.   
The times to beat remain 36'02" by Rémi Bonnet (2018) and Andrea Mayr 42'43" (2021).