Since the route is mainly in a mountainous environment with particular geographic conditions, in order to protect athletes, volunteers, the nvironment and themselves, spectators and supporters must watch the races only in the areas indicated by the Organization (see the information on the website or in the race office). Before setting out, we recommend requesting information from the race office on how to reach the indicated points and to carefully evaluate your psycho-physical abilities and experience to choose the most appropriate point.
Spectators / supporters must not create a hindrance for any reason to the natural flow of the races, remaining on the outside of the course to let the races proceed freely and to not disturb/harm the athletes. Please keep in mind that indications of the location and procedure for refreshments for athletes are stated in paragraph 3 of the SEMI  SELF-SUFFICIENCY section of these rules.
The following equipment/gear is strongly recommended before setting out:
-Heavy windproof jacket;
-Adequate supply of water and food;
-Mobile phone with 100% battery (Make sure there is coverage in the place where you intend to watch the race), with the Organization number in case of need +39 3393671507. Before starting out, download the 112 app Where Are U
-Warm cap and sun hat;
-Warm gloves;
-Sunscreen and sunglasses;
-Mountain apparel with spare clothes: we recommend dressing in layers;
-Head lamp with spare batteries;
-Map of the territory, with all trails indicated;
-Hiking boots of good quality and in excellent condition.
The Race Committee declines all responsibility for any accidents due to conduct by third parties on the race route for any reason or for anyone running  unauthorized in the race, supporters or

Cima Mughera
10 KM  
along all the muletrack
The Skymaster and LimoneXtreme Skyrace
Punta Larici
Cima Mughera
Cima Carone
Final descent from Dalco 
The Skymaster "Dynafit Zone" 
Cima Mughera 
Final descent from Dalco, last bump 
Who reaches the “Dynafit Zone” will be given a voucher from the staff on site, which will give you the chance to pick up a gadget at the  Dynafit's stand on the lake promenade "Lungolago Marconi"!
The organisation makes available a shuttle service, which leaves out of the big tent on the lake promenade and stops at the Missionary center, in order to reach the last descent. From here it takes about 25 minutes walk.