Limone is expected to be a free-for-all

Fourmale athletes are competing for the scepter, while four female athletes are vying for the throne. A world-class event with 1,500 athletes from 39 countries: Limone, Ledro and Riva del Garda are ready to host the Skyrunning Grand Gala.

Due to the penultimate Lantau 2 Peaks race held last weekend in Hong Kong, the Skyrunning category is up in the air. In the Far East, the 23 km course that included the two peaks of Lantau Island (Sunset Peak and Lantau Peak) with a maximum altitude of 934 meters and a vertical climb of 3,975 meters shuffled the cards on the table once again. Based on current rankings, Italy's Tadei Pivk, Manuel Merillas from Spain, Tom Owens from the UK and Ionut Zinca from Romania will be competing for the men's title on the selective and spectacular circuit located on the Brescian side of Lake Garda, while Italy's Elisa Desco will have to slog it out with  Maite Maiora, Megan Kimmel and the current leader of the cup Laura Orguè.  

Regarding the Vertical Km and SkyRace double finale of the Skyrunner® World Series, scheduled for Friday, October 16, and Saturday, October 17,  SS Limonese President Franco Codogni has already closed registration for the SkyRace, which is "all sold out". "For logistics reasons, we can't have more than 750 athletes on this course," confirmed Laura Pasquetti from the Organizing Committee. "That fact compelled us to diversify our event with several races and courses. For athletes who want to participate in the world final that is sure to be epic, we still have race bibs for the spectacular Mughéra nighttime vertical race and also for the two new entries of 2015: the vertical km race for the junior category and the 10K race. For more information, the detailed program and registration, please visit our website"

It will be an all-around show for athletes and the public: "The Limone Extreme can count on a unique location," continued Laura Pasquetti. "It's a breath-taking event that's exciting to run and watch. The nighttime vertical climb is unique, with tiny lights piercing through the dark as they ascend up the mountainside. Plus, the 10K is a concentration of Skyrunning that young athletes and neophytes in the sport will love. All that remains is to invite you to Limone for two days that will not be easily forgotten."