Un mix di fattori hanno portato Limone ad essere una super gara. Parola di Fabio Meraldi

For the fourth time in a row as the finale of the Skyrunner®World Series in the Vertical & SkyRace events, Limone Extreme has confirmed its role as one of the most important and prestigious races of the Alps. There is no skyrunner who is not impressed by its steep ascents, thrilling descents, and memorable views of the Upper Garda area.

In fact, once again registrations are arriving quickly at the SS Limonese office and spots in the race are expected to be completely filled. Three events are scheduled for Friday October 14 and Saturday October 15: the usual nighttime vertical race (a 3 km course with a vertical climb of 1,100 meters), the SkyRace (27 km up to 2,450 meters in altitude), and the 10km event for newcomers and young skyrunners.

"Several factors are responsible for the success of a relatively young event like Limone Extreme," said Fabio Meraldi, Race Manager of the super classic event in the Brescia area. "The uniqueness of this area, with a temperate climate that is warm even in mid-October, a strikingly beautiful course and the appeal of Lake Garda are certainly elements that have greatly contributed to the success of this race. But you don't go far with just a location. There is much more behind the growth of this event that became the finale of the World Cup in just two editions and has continued as the finale for four years in a row." 

The skyrunning champion explained in detail. "The people of the SS Limonese association, with their endless passion, over 100 volunteers, and professionalism dedicated to organizing and promoting this race and an entire town that believes in the potential of outdoor running as an important tourist attraction are the secret weapons of this event.  In these 5 years at Limone I got to know these folks and made real friends: Giovanni Fedrici, Rodolfo Risatti, Giovanni Pasquetti, Anacleto Piantoni, Franco Codogni, Laura Pasquetti and her father Francesco…just to name a few. They are splendid people who work with passion and dedication all year round, along with all the other volunteers, to ensure a successful event. To tell you the truth, if I were still a skyrunner, I'd do anything to run in the Limone Extreme, so I'm not surprised that there were 1,200 runners representing 39 different countries last year. It is a very popular race."