t's hard to call this a secondary race.

It's hard to call this a secondary race. Due to its difficulty and technicality, the Limone mini skyrunning race is truly a test, even for more well-trained athletes. Gabriele Bacchion, the young star of Team Tornado, gave a record-breaking performance with a finish time of 49'15”. Alberto Vender (51'38") and Mirko Bertolini (52'10") also gained a spot on the podium. In the women's category, Slovak Patricia Puklova left everyone in the dust and arrived across the finish line on the lakefront boulevard of Limone at 1h07'11”. Giulia Portaluri (1h08'28") took second place and Sarah Völkel (1h11'33") came in third.Compared to previous editions, the number of female athletes has sharply increased thanks to #donna4skyrace, a project conceived by Paola Rizzitelli  with karate champion Roberta Sodero as the godmother of the event.