The prestigious Skyrunner®World Series is ready to close the season

Everything is ready for a double world final

The prestigious Skyrunner®World Series is ready to close the season on a high note with the Vertical & SkyRace finales, which will take place this weekend at Limone sul Garda. For the fourth year in a row, the mountains between the Lombardy and Trentino regions will host the stars of Skyrunning: more than 1,000 competitors from 36 countries will be participating in this growing international event.

These two spectacular days sponsored by SS Limonese and Dynafit will feature three races for champions, athletes, and newcomers to the sport. It all begins tomorrow with the nighttime Vertical Climb (a 3.2 km course ascending 1,100 meters). Compared to the original program, Race Manager Fabio Meraldi, assisted by the Alpine Emergency Crew of the Guardia di Finanza based in Edolo, might opt for a variation of the original route in the event of inclement weather. Both heats will be moved up a half hour (the first at 6:00 p.m. and the elite race at 7:00 p.m.). Also keep in mind that there will be no delivery service of personal belongings at the top of the mountain. Once the race is over, the athletes will walk down to the starting line where a pasta party will be held.

Plans for the SkyRace on the following morning still stand (27.4 km up to an altitude of 2,450 meters) and will start at 11:00 a.m. The 10 km race for young athletes (starting at 9:00 a.m.) and newcomers is also Saturday. Besides the challenging sports events and excitement, there will also be a huge party to celebrate the conclusion of a cliff-hanging summer.

According to current cup rankings, leaders of the SkyRace event are Tadei Pivk from Italy (356 points) and Megan Kimmel from the USA (366). Hassan Ait Chau (332), Pablo Villa Gonzales (233), Jan Margarit (225) and Oscar Casal Mir (220) will be seeking precious points. In the women's race, Laura Orguè (278), Ragna Debats (264), Yngvild Kaspersen (250) and Marta Molist (248) will also be dreaming of victory.

In the vertical event, the cup leaders are Ferrano Teixido (290) from Andorra and Laura Orguè (358) from Spain. Other top-ranking athletes include Jan Margarit (254), Fejfar Ondrej (234), Philip Goetsch (200) and Marco Moletto (180). In the women's race, the current top five are Christel Dewalle (288), Emily Collinge (178), Maria Zorrosa (156) and Francesca Rossi (156).  

Analyzing the ranking, the men's vertical race is still wide open with at least 9 athletes who are vying for the title. In the women's event, it will be a duel between Dewalle and Orguè.

In the Skyrunning event, only Pivk and Ait Chaou can hope to win the 2016 title. The Friuli athlete from Crazy Team just needs third place, even if the Spanish athlete wins. In the women's race, it will be a duel between Kimmel and Orguè.  If Orguè wins, Kimmel would take second place. Who will win? You'll only find out by following these two stellar days in the magnificent setting of Lake Garda. Don't miss it!