A double victory for record-breaking Rèmi Bonnet

Sigillo da record anche al femminile con l’altra svizzera Judit Wyder...

Rèmi Bonnet won the race, set a new record and soared in the Vertical World Series. Slovenian Luka Kovacic and Davide Magnini from Italy joined him on the podium for the finale in Limone sul Garda. Another record-breaking performance was achieved by Swiss compatriot Judit Wyder, who managed to keep at bay Michelle Majer from Germany and Camilla Magliano from Italy. Even though she did not participate in this last race, however, Christelle Dewalle from France still won the 2018 circuit.

As for the vertical World Circuit, in the light of the last race, Remì Bonnet managed to beat his compatriot Pascal Egli and Ferran Teixido from Andorra. In the women's ranking, the unreachable Dewalle was followed by Jessica Pardin from France and Victoria Kroizer from Switzerland.

Headlamps were lit during aperitif hour on the mountains between Lombardy and Trentino. Today, in late afternoon, nearly 200 athletes in the Vertical race launched the Limone weekend dedicated to skyrunning. Many champions were at the starting line of the 2018 finale of the Vertical Kilometer World Series.

Awaiting them were 3,700 meters of pure exertion, racing up 1,100 meters to the sky, before reaching Cima Mughéra and rewriting a ranking worth an entire season. The times to beat were set by outstanding athletes Philip Götsch  from South Tyrol (36'23") and Christelle Dewalle from France (44'51”). When you're racing against an adversary with an eye on the stopwatch and the other on the cup ranking, these records are tough to beat. But today the two Salomon Team athletes from Switzerland were in high gear. Bonnet's finish time of 36'02" will be the time to beat for editions to come. Coming in 54" later was Slovenian Kovacic, who stopped the clock at 36'56”. An excellent Davide Magnini took third place with a time of 37'41". Michele Boscacci (38'25") and Alex Oberbacher (38'29") completed the top five of the day.They were followed, in order, by Nadir Maguet, Camille Caparros, Alberto Vender and Andrea Rostan.  

There was another record-breaking performance for the women, with Judith Wyder taking first place at 43'47”. Coming in second at 45'23" was Michelle Maier. Meanwhile, Camilla Magliano, showing impressive improvement, took third at 46'52". Alexandra Hauser, Jessica Pardin, Alba De Silvestro, Raffaella Tempesta, Marianna Jagercikova, Ilaria Veronese and Miroslawa Witowska also did well.