A concentration of skyrunning for athletes under 18 years old and neophytes of vertical races skimming the sky

Limone and the northernmost area of Lake Garda are fast becoming a skyrunning capital and favorite trail running destination. In mid October, concurrently with the finals of the Skyrunner®World Series Vertical & SkyRace special races, the SS Limonese association headed by President Franco Codogni will present two events for athletes under eighteen years of age and neophytes of the race. On Friday night, newcomers will have a chance to compete in a special event and arrive at Cima Maghèra just in time to applaud the skyrunning champions in the main event. Meanwhile, on Saturday they'll have the opportunity to participate in a mini skyrunning event that will be technically challenging but shorter. It will be an educational event to introduce neophytes to this vertical race skimming the sky.  

Focusing on the new 10k race, Giovanni Fedrici, member of the organizing committee, has no doubts: "The idea is to give everyone a chance to compete. It won't be a secondary event, but a real skyrunning course covering 10 kilometers. In the past few months, Race Director Fabio Meraldi and his collaborators worked hard to define the course and ensure its safety. We even had a special tester: Skialp champion Martina Valmassoi. We guarantee that this 10k will also be extreme."


After a short stretch along Lungolago Marconi and the beach, the course starts its ascent along the trail flanking the San Giovanni torrent and reaches the "La Milanesa" hamlet. At this point, it takes a picturesque but challenging mule trail (Trail 101) that winds through Singòl Valley. 

 Past the fountain called "acqua del Singòl", the trail takes a steep climb in a brief but tough stretch that will put the athletes' legs and lungs to the test. After running along a vast pine forest for about one hundred meters, the course leaves Trail 101 behind and takes a right, following signs for "Senter dei Nadai". Passing a dry riverbed and crossing the San Giovanni torrent, the single trail starts climbing for a kilometer, with parts surpassing a 24% gradient. Reaching the mountain crest, the trail continues along a slope with a beautiful lake view that lets the athletes get their second wind.

 After a kilometer the trail heads left to Malga Valacco. Following a steep climb the trail quickly travels along the hillside to Trail 101 again at the last bend before reaching a handrail and descending to 750 meters above sea level in Località Pre. Traveling through the woods, the trail quickly passes a spring and then Malga Valacco on the left. Leaving Malga Dalò on the right, the trail descends, heading towards the springs of the San Giovanni torrent that can be heard in the distance. Crossing the torrent, the trail veers left. After a small hill it gently descends along the hillside. After a few tight curves comes the last climb: a stretch of about one hundred meters with a gradient of more than 24% that will be an additional test. For the delight of downhill runners, the trail starts descending along alternating types of terrain: grassy sections, rocky stretches with sheer overhangs, dry riverbeds, gravel and small springs. Traveling a long stretch through the woods, the athletes will then find themselves back on Trail 101 near an ancient "Calchèra". Here they will race down the last two and a half kilometers towards Limon and the cheering fans lining Lungolago Marconi.