10KM Oct. 13, 2018


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World-class thrills for amateur runners. The Limone Extreme welcomes runners with an appealing 10 km course that will start right before the world cup finale. The same location, the same finish line with crowds guaranteed, but with an easier course to allow athletes to become more familiar with Skyrunning.

Starting out from the picturesque old town center in this lovely town in the northern section of Lake Garda, the course travels along the lakefront boulevard and flanks the San Giovanni torrent before heading into Singol Valley and climbing the rugged mule trail with sections with a 24% gradient.  Starting from Kilometer 3, a nice single track that alternates climbs and other easier stretches leads to Pre, Malga Dalò and Fò Granc. At Kilometer 6, the course descends steeply to the finish line on Lungolago Marconi.

LENGHT: 9.93 Km
VERTICAL CLIMB: 790 mt. - maximum altitude 743 mt. above sea level



Online registrations on:

REGISTRATIONS' OPENING: 13 September 2018 - closing 9th oct. 2018
REGISTRATION FEE: Due to insurance reasons a F.I.Sky membership is mandatory. For members the registration fee is of € 16,00 or € 14,00 for women. For those who aren't the cost is of € 21,00 or € 19,00 for women including a daily F.I.Sky card.
RACE KIT: Dynafit t-shirt

When picking up your race bib, you must present a copy of your registration, the bank transfer with the registration fee, the medical certificate for competitive sports (bring a copy which will be held by the staff) and the signed waiver of liability form.


Strangers living in Italy or Italians living abroad have to provide an italian medical certificate for athletic.



RACE BIB/RACE KIT PICKUP: Friday from 12 to 5.30 p.m. and Saturday from 7a.m. to 8.30 a.m.
START: Saturday Oct. 13 - Lungolago Marconi - 9.00 a.m. 
AWARD CEREMONY: at 1.00 pm
PASTA PARTY: Lungolago Marconi



The 10 KM is open to anyone who is at least 18 years old. All athletes must be in possession of a valid medical certificate declaring fitness for competitive sports, according to DM 10/01/82. This certificate must be valid as of the date of the race and must be presented when the race bib is assigned. 

The Race Director, at his discretion, can change and/or modify the race at any time (for example, the course, the start procedure, the length of the race, finish line, etc.) and he can suspend the race at any moment to better protect the athlete. If the race is cancelled, the registration fee will not be reimbursed.

Even if not explicitly indicated, these rules are applied in relation to the rules established by FSA-FISKY – Skyrunning Championship. http://www.skyrunning.com


-     The race bib must be visibly worn during the entire race.

-      Each competitor is obliged to have a WINDBREAKER with him/her on departure. The jacket will be checked at the end of the race. If the athlete is found without this garment, he/she will be given a 3 minute penalty.

-      The use of HEADPHONES is prohibited.

-      The athlete must follow the regularly indicated course.

-      Athletes who withdraw from the race in progress must inform the organization and hand in their bibs to the staff at the nearest checkpoint.

checkpoint in locality Singol after 1hour and 10 minutes after start.

One, at locality Pré

The athlete, fully aware of the responsibility for untruthful declarations, acknowledges and confirms that he/she has reviewed the race route and – being of sound mind – believes that it is appropriate for his/her technical level; that he/she realizes that said route includes stretches with fixed cords and exposed passages, even if assisted by organization personnel; that he/she is in possession of a skyrunning curriculum suitable for the competition in which he/she is registered, having recently participated in similar events and with mountain experience suitable for facing said route; that he/she has been duly informed by the organizers of the potential hazards of the event that takes place in a mountain setting with consequent objective hazards that cannot be eliminated for all competitors and to accept, in light of said knowledge, the risk nevertheless; that he/she expressly exonerates the organizers from all liability caused by negligence regarding any injury that the athlete sustains. 

Athletes are requested to respect the environment. Therefore, they are asked to throw away garbage (for example, water bottles, cups, gel) in the trash cans set up along the route. Competitors who exhibit poor conduct that is not prudent or respectful of the environment will be penalized and may be disqualified, according to decision made by a special jury.

Free parking is available on Via Fasse and at the Palazzetto dello Sport on Via Tovo.  Please remember that only paid parking is available near the start/finish line, also on the day of the race. The showers for the athletes are about 1 km from the start/finish line.

The first 5 men and the first 5 women, overall.
First 3 men and women of the categories: 40-49 / 50-59 / over60
Prizes are in nature. Prizes cannot be combined with others.
Athletes have to be present at the prize ceremony, no other person can pick up the prize.

Complaints are accepted up to one-half hour before the arrival of the last competitor. Payment of a € 50.00 fee will be requested: if the complaint is accepted, that amount will be reimbursed.

By registering for the event, participants in the race authorize the use of their images, photos and/or videos that will be used to publicize the event and/or area for affiliated purposes. They consent to the processing of their personal data, entered in the archives of the Organizer/Association. This data will be stored and conserved confidentially by the organizing committee and will be used for purposes related to the event, in conformity with Law. n. 675/96 of December 31, 1996, article 13 (Privacy Law). The data could be also used for sending publicity or news by the Organizer and their sponsors/partners. This data can be modified or deleted at any time.

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